glorifying suicide

by Madmans Esprit

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released May 4, 2019

Lyrics, composition, voice, all instruments, recording, mixing, mastering by Kyuho (Madmans Esprit)


all rights reserved



Madmans Esprit Seoul, South Korea

Madmans Esprit is making depressive suicidal blackened pop in Seoul, Korea and their second home, Berlin, Germany.

叫號(Kyuho) : Voice, Everything

Madmans Esprit is under ‘Gan-Shin Records’, the European label of Japanese bands like DIR EN GREY, lynch. and sukekiyo.
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Track Name: Ich bin die Kunst
I’m a nazi, I’m a buddhist
I’m your father, I’m a feminist
I’m the evil, I’m your savior
I’m an elitist, I’m a communist

Ich bin die Kunst
Ich bin die, die du fürchtest
Ich bin alles was du willst
Ich bin alles was du hasst
Ich bin die Kunst

또 먹고 또 싸고 또 울고 또 웃고
살아있는 시체
또 먹고 또 싸고 또 울고 또 웃고
그냥 못 본 체
또 먹고 또 싸고 또 울고 또 웃고
손발이 묶인 채
또 먹고 또 싸고 또 울고 또 웃고
조금 더 아프게
또 먹고 또 싸고 또 울고 또 웃고

무게가 없는 자유를, 그 환희를 내게 줘
사랑도, 증오도 너의 환상과 모순 속에
그 수많은 죽음들의 가운데
이 뼈와 고기의 감옥을 벗어나 보여줘
모든 이름이 없는 것들에게 축복을
이 수 많은 죽음들의 가운데

인간을 넘어서
Track Name: Raison d'être

Raison d'être

The voices have died and you’ve forgotten yourself.
Or was it ever there before?
You cannot exist without the reflections of others.
Which mirror are you chasing?

절망을 반복하는 너의 존재
오직 윗배를 불려나갈 뿐
두 손은 텅 빈채 흘러나가는 무의미함에
돼지 우리안에 너는 배가 부른가?
이미 우는 법도 잊어버렸겠지?
Track Name: Spiral Agony
Spiral agony made of sex, despair and fear
My existence is a sin and this pain is forever mine
What do you believe in this era of emptiness?
No redemption for those who bleed
Trapped in life and death

Smile of oblivion
Death of consciousness

Soil dyed in red
Dogma leaves a long scar
You made your own satan and you’re fleeing from it
But who’s the evil now?
The easiest way to build a paradise would be to kill all the wicked
Peace above thousands of corpses
Above my corpse

눈을 감으면 그 어둠이 너무 편안해서
악몽 속에 영원히 떠도는 그대여
아직 남아 있는 억압과 폭력의 흉터
옅은 미소 밑에 감추고 썩어가는 그대여

Pain whispers to me that I’m alive
Masochism of my existence
Let my hope destroy me
And once again into the spiral
Track Name: Deny
I don’t want to see
I don’t want to hear
I don’t want to love
I don’t want to live

I don’t want to cry
I don’t want to hate
I don’t want to kill
I don’t want to die

I don’t want to save
I don’t want to pray
I don’t want to burn
I don’t want to lose

I don’t want to awake
I don’t want to dream
I don’t want to bear
I don’t want to understand

Deny me

I don’t want to know
I don’t want to smile
I don’t want to forget and to be forgotten
I don’t want you
I don’t want all of you

Deny me

Deny me to save me

No, I don’t need anything
No, I don’t love anything
No, I don’t want anything
No, I deny everything

No, I don’t need anything
No, I don’t love anything
No, I don’t want anything
No, I want everything

Deny me to save me
Track Name: Suicidol
I didn’t ask to be born
But I’m terrified to die as much as I’m terrified of life
Give me a reason to live
To justify these marks of worthless existence that I glorify
It’s not going to be okay

I’m your idol Your Suicidol
I’m the one who fills your void Now, come sing with me
Your ideal You’re suicidal
Nothing would save us from this life Now, come scream with me

You wanted to love this world
But what’s left is the hatred towards yourself
In fact, you’ve been realizing that there’s no meaning
Reenact your death, embrace the emptiness
Open up the gate of flesh, reality is cold and cruel
Is it comforting a little bit in the madness you’re drenched in?

It’s not that I adore death It’s just that I despise life
I still love you I just couldn’t love myself anymore

The world is full of misery, there’s no hope in sight
You’re trying over and over again to pull yourself up a little higher
But you’re only falling lower and lower again
Until you’re completely drained out
I know how you feel, don’t cry anymore It will all end soon
Because I’ll die instead of you
Open up the gate of flesh, your ideal is too far to reach
Was it comforting a little bit in the madness you’re drenched in?

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